This is a compendium of the methods used in the qualitative research of the ACT Consortium. It consists of a series of guidance notes and corresponding templates and examples for designing, setting up, running, analysing and monitoring qualitative research in international health intervention research. 

The guidance was designed for use by non-social scientists who wanted to include qualitative research in their ACT Consortium projects which were often clinical trials. Given wider demand for guidance in this line of work, the Consortium has brought together various materials into Methods and Templates. 

Qualitative methods help researchers, programme managers and policy makers to understand better the nature of health care issues and the consequences of health interventions. Qualitative research is therefore in increasing demand in the field of global health, especially in clinical trials. 

The guidelines, and respective templates, tools, training materials and SOPs, can all be downloaded for free at

Please make sure to read the copyright and usage policy before using the materials.


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