The Workshop commenced at 10:00am at University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital School of Nursing hall. 30 Nurses came from hospitals including the University of Nigeria Teaching hospital (UNTH) Enugu, National Orthopeadic Hospital, Enugu (NOHE), Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital Teaching Hospital, (NAUTH), Nnewi, Nicola McHugh from Global Nurses Research Network UK Participated via Skype and screen shared some of the presentation during the workshop. The workshop was attended by 30 persons plus 5 speakers making up 35 nurses in participation. Mrs. Ndubuka (FWACN) one of the speakers acted as the time moderator.

The timetable was as shown:

10.00 Ekezie Ralueke Oluchukwu Introduced the workshop and spoke on the objectives of the workshop. He also introduced the Global Health Network and the Global Nurses Research network.

11.00 Mrs. Epie-Sona, (FWACN) a fellow of the West African College of Nursing Lectured on the Ethical consideration and informed consent in research.

12.00 Tea was served while group discussion went on, a group of five was formed and the needs of nurses in research were discussed by each group. The group generally agreed that the resources in the Global Nurses Research Network website and the e-courses would be very beneficial to the progress of Research work in Nigeria, The groups went on to request the procedure for individual registration which was shown to them and all the participants especially those with laptops and internet equipped phones accessed the network website at the spot and assured that they will register as soon as the workshop was closed.

1:30pm Mrs. Ndubuka (FWACN) Lectured on the poles of Nurses in a research, she ended her lecture with a participation questions to the participants which answers were provided to her questions.

2:30pm, Ms. Chinenye Ogbogu lectured on the opportunities in research for research nurses. She spoke on the various opportunities for nurses in research and also spoke on the research she had carved out herself and research she has been involved in.  


3.00 pm, Principal of School of Nursing University of Nigeria Teaching hospital Mrs. Nnabuenyi (FWACN) Process of writing a research proposal were she introduced the participants on the appropriate ways to prepare and acceptable research proposals.

Close: Ekezie Ralueke Oluchukwu spoke on the need for a research group for research nurses in Enugu. This was welcomed with a great expectation as the nurses welcomed the idea with open arms.

Outcome: A group of 10 nurses was formed and represented nurses from different teaching hospitals and specialist hospital as well as nurses from private hospitals. The group name was tentatively called.

Nigerian Nurses in Research “This name was closed by the groups from other several names that were suggested. This group is set to have meetings, discussion the possible research works and research related events the group is to be involved in.

The group will be careful on how to choose and involved only but ambitious and serious minded nurses who wishes to project research amongst nurse.

At the end of the workshop participants were pleased with the lecturers, the level organization and group which were formed. They requested for a bigger workshop or research conference which will be participated by more nurses and were thankful to the sponsor Global Nurses Research Network who gave them the opportunity to gain the knowledge via the workshop.

The participant are looking forward to more of the workshops to come in future stressing that they would want to get involved in researches in their various institutions as well as to generate evidences to implement in their day to day nursing approaches.