Global Health Research Nurses Launch Meeting Program; Lilongwe, Malawi 4th October 2014





Opening   prayer


9.00   to 9.10



9.10   to 9.30

Meeting  objectives

Nicola   McHugh/Liam Boggs 

9.30   to 10.00

Landscape   of clinical research in Malawi

Dr.   Damson Kathyola

Director   of Research, Ministry   of Health 

10.00   to 10.30

T      E      A                                  B     R      E      A      K

10.30 to 11.00

Health   Research Capacity Strengthening Initiatives in Malawi

Dr.   Mathildah Chithila

Program   Manager, HRCSI

National   Commission for Science and Technology 

11.00   to 11.30

The   involvement of Nurses in research in Malawi

Dr.   Alfred Maluwa

Research   Director, Kamuzu   College of Nursing 

11.30   to 12.00

Private   sector involvement in health research

Dr.   George Ganiza

Medical   Director, MASM   Medi-Clinics Ltd 

12.00   to 12.30

Private   health research initiative (CREAMS)

Jean   Chitule

Manager, Clinical   Research Education and management Services (CREAMS)

12.30   to 13.00

L     U       N     C     H                 B     R       E     A     K

13.00 to 14.00

Global   health trials and the nurses training program

Liam   Boggs/ Nicola McHugh

Global   Health Trials 

14.00   to 14.30

General   Discussions

Liam   Boggs/ Nicola McHugh

Global   Health Trials 

14.30   to 15.00

Closing   remarks

Dr.   Malata

Principal, Kamuzu   college of Nursing 

15.00   to 15.30


Nicola  McHugh / Liam Boggs

Global   Health Trials and   Guest   speaker(s)

15.30   to …….

Note : Jean Chitule and Dr. Alfred Maluwa will co-facilitate the meeting