A variety of seminars and meetings were held during the Nurses Week in southeastern Nigeria community hospitals with Nurses. Several healthcare institutions organised and hosted these meeting such as the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (UNTH) Enugu state on 14th May 2019 and the Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital (NAUTH) Nnewi Anambra State on the 16th of May 2019.

The event was marked with celebrations and cultural performances in these hospitals. The NAUTH programmes were attended by all the ward heads, and other selected senior nurses working in the clinics. While the one at UNTH was attended by all the clinical nurses in the hospital including retired colleagues with about 300 persons attending the UNTH event while about 70 were at the NAUTH event. The event were marked with road walk around the hospitals, fashion parades and carnival.

The topics discussed were "Importance of Clinical Nursing research in Nursing" aas well as an intoduction to the Global Health Network, registration on the website and how to use the resources on the Global Research Nurses webpage.

Below are some pictures from the aforementioned seminars :