Suggestions for International Nurses' Day 2014

International Nurses’ Day though celebrated yearly in Nigeria, is not a very big event. It is usually marked with  different activities like paper presentations, competitions and selection of the best Nurse of the year, awards, free provision of medical services like checking blood pressure, eye, urine testing etc.

For the network I would like to suggest that the celebration  should also be extended to the student Nurses who are usually left out or have passive roles as well, hence  ‘catch them young’  while in school for awareness creation looks like a good idea. The student Nurses should be involved in various competitions such as quiz,  write ups similar to our just concluded competition. Though, this again has its challenges such as poor or non-availability of internet connectivity and poor power supply etc in the Schools of Nursing and Midwifery in a resource limited country like ours, may have low responses for a start, but as time goes on and more awareness is created among the students, more students will join in.  What do you say? Read the blog here.


UPDATE - GRN is working with members to recognise IND in New Delhi India, Nigeria and Nepal. We look forward to more news of what is planned.


Betsy Rono says - "Hallo from Kenya. This year we have the National Nurses Association of Kenya 56th International scientific conference in Eldoret from 8th-10th October, Kenya. I welcome you to attend and present papers. Call for publications will be open soon. We also have a Kenya Nursing Journal. Thanks, Betsy" Read more


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