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Resource Gateway

A library with hundreds of free resources. You can find guidelines, tools, templates, web apps, databases, crowd-sourcing initiatives, webinars, workshops, training material, documents that are relevant to any health research themes, region and/or disease. Visit the Resource Gatway website.


We have been working in partnership with global collaborators and networks to develop meaningful and targeted toolkits, that researchers can use openly and freely. They offer flexible and adaptable resources that can be used to target and strengthen a particular aspect of the research process, as teams plan and conduct locally relevant trials and studies in their own settings. Toolkits can also provide an opportunity to implement a capacity-building initiative for researcher communities across a multitude of settings, giving key guidance and steps to successfully running such an initiative in a local setting.

Setting up a Research Club »

What it is, why it is important and how to set up one in your setting.

Running a Workshop Proposal Call »

How to design and implement a call to generate a robust community of practice for better health research in low-resource settings.

Establish a Research Support Room in your institution »

How to offer support to anyone who wants to design and develop a health research project in your establishment.

Protocol Development
Steps »

Guidance on the steps you should follow to turn your research question into a study.

Management »

To help you contemplate the quality practices and processes to achieve consistent research results.

Creating your
Communication Poster »

How to efficiently communicate your research results to the community, healthcare workers, and policy makers with a poster.

Career Development

Planning a career in research can be challenging, but there are plenty of free resources out there to help. We have gathered resources and expertise about careers in clinical research, whatever the role. Explore the below areas from interview planning to appraisals.

Join the Professional Development Scheme!

The scheme is a high quality mechanism for recording, tracking and guiding your professional development
in health research by capturing your core competencies, qualifications and training.

Preparing for an interview and questions you may be asked

How to write a cover letter

How to find a research job

Writing research CVs

How to conduct an appraisal

Creating an achievable
career plan

Careers in scientific research

Science career alternatives

Job opportunities

Clinical research nurses are the backbone of many of these activities! You are often behind the many great ideas that underpin in fact how the scientific questions get implemented (often the unsung heroes, and may lead the science too). We want you to have at your fingertips all those good things that have been developed to ensure efficient processes that contribute to a quality research outcome. Please also continue to contribute to Global Research Nurses what works for you so that others may benefit.

Starting a new clinical research project can be daunting even for an experienced nurse or study coordinator. The Global Health Network's Process Map is THE place to begin. Navigate its many embedded ideas, tools, articles and discussions at a click of a button and work your way logically from the research idea to starting recruitment. While many of the links take you to the comprehensive Global Health Trials tools and templates, some are drawn in from other specialist TGHN webpages, such as the new REDe Guide to Clinical Research Practical Data Quality Monitoring. This tool which was developed for a zika-related observational study project can be adapted for a variety of other therapeutic areas and trial designs to enhance the quality of data you or your team helps to generate. Want the latest news on some very specific aspects of safety, such as would be relevant for an early phase trial then check out Global Pharmacovigilance. It has a very active twitter account you may like to link to if safety interests you. So while this site is the gateway for you as a clinical research nurse, and we will aim to feature resources relevant for your role, play around with the other Global Health Network specialist sites you'll find on the landing page.

Should you or your team need a more formal introduction to specific topics (or even an update - it's always good to keep up to date!) then save our Training Centre page as a bookmark. These tie in with the Professional Membership Scheme which will help you and your staff document your career progression over time and work towards specific goals (such as for instance moving from reviewing protocols to writing protocols). Managers can integrate these learning opportunities into a bespoke competency framework for nurses working in trials or other clinical research studies. We'd love feedback on how you experience these applications so keep in touch. Nurses have their ears to the ground and must be represented in these areas.

If you are established in your role you may take the lead in the growth of your research group and become interested in helping to access a pipeline of studies that is key to maintaining a qualified and competent staff. If so, then consider adding the details to Site Finder - like a dating agency for sites and funders (!) it helps them find each other and conduct individual studies or develop long term collaborations.