Welcome to Global Research Nurses, a network developed by nurses for nurses. The prime focus is to help nurses engage, learn and seek opportunities to work in clinical research, and ultimately develop and lead their own studies.


Global Research Nurses is a community of practice (CoP) that aims to empower nurses and midwives to pursue a career in research, regardless of their work setting or role. The mission is to make research accessible to every nurse and midwife, allowing them to choose their level of involvement, from evidence-based practice to leading research initiatives.

The ultimate goal is to foster nursing and midwifery research leadership in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). By doing so, this CoP hopes to contribute to a more equitable distribution of research expertise and resources, promoting global health and well-being.

Join the mission to bring research to the forefront of nursing and midwifery practice, and to create a more vibrant, innovative, and impactful global research community.

Together the community can help build a healthier, more sustainable future for all.

Nurses are always at the forefront of delivering care to patients and playing a key role in identifying and improving their quality of life. By getting involved in research, nurses can play a vital role in improving patient care since research is the only evidence-based method of deciding whether a new approach to care is better than current practice.

At a minimum nurses and midwives should be consumers of research and to read research reports to develop new skills and to keep up to date on relevant findings that may affect their practice. At the other end of the scale, nurses and midwives are the producers of research, designing and implementing research studies.

How can nurses and midwives get involved in research?

There is a rich variety of research activities in which nurses can engage as a way of improving their effectiveness and enhancing their professional lives.

  • Participating in a journal club in a practice setting, which involves regular meetings among nurses to discuss and critique research articles
  • Attending research presentations at professional conferences
  • Discussing the implications and relevance of research findings with patients
  • Giving patients information and advice about participation in studies
  • Assisting in the collection of research information (e.g., distributing questionnaires to patients)
  • Reviewing a proposed research plan with respect to its feasibility in a clinical setting and offering clinical expertise to improve the plan
  • Collaborating and/or leading in the development of an idea for a clinical research project
  • Participating on an institutional committee that reviews the ethical aspects of proposed research before it is undertaken
  • Evaluating completed research for its possible use in practice, and using it when appropriate

To get the most out of the site sign up as a member - membership is FREE! Then browse the various resources on this site and other sites of The Global Health Network for guidance, information and peer support that you need to conduct your role and enhance your career as a nurse working in research. You will see that The Global Health Network is an online collection of websites that all aim to support health research by the sharing of methods and knowledge. More details about the Global Health Network and its governance and operations can be found here.

On the Global Research Nurses site you will find links to lots of resources, including for instance, the following:

  1. A professional network where you can find colleagues nearby or across continents. Use the Blogs, Bookmarks and Groups to get in touch to find out how your peers working in other regions or on other diseases set up studies or find and use research evidence.
  2. A Professional Membership Scheme - Join this highly endorsed and internationally recognised scheme that has been funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, WHO-TDR and the Burdett Nurses Trust. Here you can register all your skills and knowledge and be awarded a membership level that reflects your experience. Work your way up through the tiers and gain a mechanism for your capabilities to be recognized.
  3. e-Learning - These short courses can give you the skills and confidence to work in medical research and each is certificated and all of these courses are recommended by world-class research organisations. 
  4. Links to online templates - more information about how to do research, where to find up to date research findings and more.

Please share what you need to support your role and career development. You're invited to shape this network and its activities. This is because nurses are fundamental to health research across the globe, by sharing ways of working and skills the work of research nurses and midwives worldwide can be improved. This ensures that colleagues get familiar with, and value, the huge contribution. Global Research Nurses can develop a VOICE through research.

If you have any queries please contact info@globalhealthtrials.org