Welcome to Global Research Nurses, a network developed by nurses for nurses. The prime focus is to help nurses engage, learn and seek opportunities to work in clinical research, and ultimately develop and lead their own studies.

Global Research Nurses thus endeavor to give nurses, involved in or conducting their own clinical research, a voice. We strongly believe that nurses who lead clinical research will become change agents and improve clinical outcomes. By undertaking pragmatic research into clinical issues nurses face in their practice they could be instrumental in transforming the health of their patients.  

VISION - Enabling a community of practice of nurse research leaders Nurses involved in research will be encouraged to make their voices heard and form a community of practice sharing their achievements, challenges and ideas.

MISSION - All research nurses will have free access to tools, training, support and guidance to engage in and lead research.

To get the most out of the site sign up as a member - membership is FREE! Then browse the various resources on this site and other sites of The Global Health Network for guidance, information and peer support that you need to conduct your role and enhance your career as a nurse working in research. You will see that The Global Health Network is an online collection of websites that all aim to support health research by the sharing of methods and knowledge. More details about the Global Health Network and its governance and operations can be found here.

On the Global Research Nurses site you will find links to lots of resources, including for instance, the following:

  1. A professional network where you can find colleagues nearby or across continents. Use the Blogs, Bookmarks and Groups to get in touch to find out how your peers working in other regions or on other diseases set up studies or find and use research evidence.
  2. A Professional Membership Scheme - Join this highly endorsed and internationally recognised scheme that has been funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, WHO-TDR and the Burdett Nurses Trust. Here you can register all your skills and knowledge and be awarded a membership level that reflects your experience. Work your way up through the tiers and gain a mechanism for your capabilities to be recognized.
  3. e-Learning - These short courses can give you the skills and confidence to work in medical research and each is certificated and all of these courses are recommended by world-class research organisations. 
  4. Links to online templates - more information about how to do research, where to find up to date research findings and more.

Please tell us what you need to support your role and career development. We want this network and its activities to be shaped by you - the people who use it. This is because nurses are fundamental to health research across the globe, so let us work together to improve what we do by sharing our ways of working and our skills. Let us ensure that our colleagues get familiar with, and value, our huge contribution. Let us develop our VOICE through research.

If you have any queries please contact info@globalhealthtrials.org