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Problem based learning

As I started following the discussion on PBL and them came across Rabecca Ngalande's story on what she did, i said wow! so this was it. I happen to be one of ...

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Quick 6 Questions Genetics and Genomics Evaluation

Hi Everyone, Thank you very much for taking the time to read through the SPECIAL RESOURCE: GENETICS/GENOMICS page (. As this website has been built in collaboration with it users, we would ...

1 year ago

Evaluation of Special Resource:Genetics/Genomics

started by Cordelia

Hi Everyone, Thank you very much for taking the time to read through this SPECIAL RESOURCE: GENETICS/GENOMICS page. We are conducting a short survey to evaluate this resource and YOUR PARTICIPATION is ...

1 year ago

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Online courses in ethics and statistics for health research offered by the University of Oxford

For those who are interested, here are some online ethics courses offered in 2016 by the University of Oxford Dept ...

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**Register for The Global Health Network Workshop** OTN Attendees only*

Venue: SR4 room, Sloane Robinson Building, Keble CollegeDate: Wednesday 7th September 2016 @11.30hrs – 12.30hrsOrganiser: The Global Health NetworkPoint of ...

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RSTMH 2016 Grants round now open!

RSTMH are delighted to announce that our new grants round is now open. RSTMH are pleased to be able to ...

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Schizophrenia: Remove Stigmatization, Choose Hospitalization

Most people believe that mental disorders are rare and “happen to someone else." But the reality is that mental disorders ...

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TDR - Training and fellowships

TDR's grant and training activities aim to develop strong leadership in health research and decision making, so that high quality ...

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