Global Research Nurses workshops are a valuable and engaging way to learn, providing a fantastic opportunity for collective training sessions, skills transfer, networking and information sharing.

The range of workshops and format for delivering the sessions can be creatively designed to best serve the context of the learning. Initiatives such as these help to support and strengthen capacity at both an individual and institutional level. Please see the range of workshops delivered across various settings as part of the Global Research Nurses programme.

Past workshops


May 2024

La Matanza, Argentina workshop:
Liderazgo y desarrollo de las competencias de Investigación en Enfermería→

June 2024

Uganda workshop:
Evidence-based decision-making workshop for nursing and midwifery leaders and managers in Uganda→

March 2024

Latin America Webinar:
Oportunidades y Desafíos en la Publicación de Investigación en Enfermería en Latino América→

Nov 2023 - April 2024

Ethiopia workshop:
Nursing and Midwifery-led Qualitative Research Capacity Strengthening Workshops at the University of Gondar, Ethiopia →


November 2023

Namibia workshop:
Data analysis for nurses and midwives in health training institutions →



November 2023

Ghana workshop:
Data analysis for nurses and midwives in health training institutions →

November 2023

Nigeria workshop:
Improving the Effectiveness of Nursing Practice through Clinical Research →

November 2023

Argentina workshop:
Leadership and development of Nursing Research Skills →

October 2023

Peru workshop:
First steps for nursing and midwives research →

July – December 2023

Honduras workshop:
Research Mentoring for Nurses →

September 2023

Uganda workshop:
Grant Writing in Research for Nurses and Midwives in Africa →

June – August 2023

Brazil workshop:
Cycle of Nursing Research Workshops →

July – November 2023

Argentina workshop:
First steps in nursing research: strengthening research skills →

16 July 2023

Sri Lanka workshop:
How to set up your own Nursing Research study →

24 June 2023 & 18 July 2023

Pakistan workshop:
Nurse-led co-design methodology for developing community health nursing interventions →

29 April 2023

Uganda workshop:
Understanding Knowledge Translation in Research →

14 March 2023

Argentina Workshop:“ Training the trainers series”: curricular integration between clinical practice and scientific research in nursing. →


6-7 October 2022

India workshop 2022 →

06 September 2022

Research nurses in the frontline:
COVID-19 field experience, lessons and impact →

23 June 2022

Introduction to Research for nurses and midwives →

2-3 June 2022

Nigeria workshop →

26-27 April 2022

Nigeria workshop →

15 March 2022

India Conference →


6th Sept 2021

Navigating practical challenges during COVID-19 →

24-25 June 2021

Nigeria Workshop →

24-25 May 2021

Nigeria Workshop →

May 2021

Introduction to Basic Statistics →


July 2020

Nurses Virtual Workshop →

May 2020

COVID-19 Webinar →

March 2020

Nigeria Workshop →

October 2020

Nightingale 2020 video-abstract presentation →


November 2019

Nigeria Workshop →

April-May 2019

International Nurses Day →

Global Research Nurses workshop guidance updated on 17 May 2024.

Workshop/webinar report template updated on 02 Nov 2023. By clicking on the link provided, the report will be downloaded directly to your device. Kindly check your downloads folder to access the document.