Understanding Knowledge Translation in Research

For Research Nurses

Uganda workshop April 2023Location: Forest Cottages, Bukoto Naguru, Uganda
Language: English
Target Audience: Nurses Working in Research Organisations
Event capacity: 42

Nurses have often been great contributors to research in low-income settings mainly as research nurses. This role mainly involves being at the frontline and conducting ethical procedures, collecting data from participants, and ensuring the effective filing of all data from the research participants. This role is the main engine of any research study, and many times nurses undergo protocol training to ensure that they understand the procedures and processes involved.

Upon completion of data collection, data processing, and dissemination are often done by the Principal Investigators and with hardly any participation of the research nurses despite being the key players in the generation of the findings. This is evidenced in many scientific conferences where there hardly any nurses present abstracts or are keynote speakers. This translates to a lack of skills among many research nurses in Africa in Knowledge translation (converting research findings into practice). To address this gap, this one-day workshop will be conducted to equip nurses with knowledge translation skills to enable them actively advance the uptake of research findings by various stakeholders.


Workshop/webinar aim and learning objectives:

This workshop equiped nurses with skills in Knowledge Translation. The specific learning objectives included:

  1. To understand Knowledge Translation concepts in Research
  2. To understand the approaches and importance of evaluative thinking
  3. To understand the importance of context mapping and the ethical guidelines in knowledge translation
  4. To understand the various communication strategies and mediums for knowledge translation
  5. To develop Knowledge Translation Materials from a research study to apply the skills learned.


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