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Hello from Enugu!
Currently we have formed groups of Clinical research nurses in various hospitals in The South-eastern part of Nigeria, this includes newly formed groups and us keying into already existing groups in various hospitals. We have about 7 hospitals where GRN hospital Groups are functional and having their meetings as well as free research training locally from Mr Ralueke and Blue Torch Home Care Limited.
Planned future activities for 2019 and beyond:
1. Nurses week sensitization programme through a Road walk/ Hospitals Visits during their various nurses week (IND) celebration days to speak to nurses on importance of Nursing research/clinical nursing research and Impact of GRN (Visit of Teaching Hospitals and Big private hospitals and community centers) this will help in promoting research knowledge amongst nurses and increase reach which includes student nurses. We hope to choose eight (8) hospitals and use 1 hour or 30 minutes in each of the hospital to speak to their entire nurses. on the 12th May, we can then conduct a road walk or radio programme (May 2019).
2. We are also going to use two programmes in Awka Anambra State Nigeria organized by Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria and A nursing entrepreneurship workshop in Enugu organized by University of Nigeria (UNN) Nursing sciences department, to speak to nurses about GRN and TGHN. The aim is solely to sensitize nurses about GRN and get them to register on the website and hence utilize the resources there to sharpen their nursing research skill.
3. For the GRN website we can run video articles maybe 10 to 15 minutes research related videos posted to the site on weekly basis by Ralueke, and others and share it for people to visit the website and watch. We can also run an article on "The Ideal Patient" (Subject), “Nursing and research” etc ?. Also i think we can propose for webinars when it’s done can be recorded and posted to the site from time to time. Webinars can be announced extensively and people register to listen and we get speakers who will speak on that day. This can be a yearlong project and I am currently developing the proposal for this.
4. We are currently putting together a plan for a conference on nursing research in Nigeria 2019. This conference will be a total nursing research focused conference and first of its kind, which is a step up building on previous successes registered through the previous workshops we have organized and the high demand for a conference where those who had participated in our previous workshops will present their work and possibly publish it. This is hoped to attract Nurses from all spare of work from all over Africa and beyond.

  • jobygeorge05 Joby George 4 Mar 2019

    Best wishes Ralueke and team. Much Appreciated!