The aim of this research was to assess the impact of an embodied conversational agent system on preconception risks among African American and Black women. The study is registered with ClinicalTrials.govNCT01827215Intervention participants received an online conversational agent called Gabby that assessed 102 preconception risks and delivered 12 months of tailored dialogue using synthesised speech, non-verbal behaviour, visual aids, and health behaviour change techniques such as motivational interviewing. The control group received a letter listing their preconception risks and encouraging them to talk with a clinician. From March 11, 2014, through July 8, 2018, 528 women recruited from 35 states and 242 cities across the USA received the Gabby intervention (n=262) or were assigned to the control group (n=266). The Gabby system has the potential to improve women's preconception health. Further research is needed to determine if improving preconception risks impacts outcomes such as preterm delivery.


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