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Psychological Benefits of Breastfeeding:-Breast feeding is not only needed to fulfill biological need but also it will fulfill the psychological need. All Nursing mothers here I want to enlighten that Your newborn also benefits from the physical closeness of breast feeding. Thrust from the close, dark womb into an overwhelming experience of bright lights, loud noises, and new smells, your baby needs the reassurance of your continued physical presence. This will give psychological safety in baby.By holding him safe in your arms you offer him a sense of continuity from pre- to post-birth life. Gazing into your eyes, your baby comes to understand that he is loved and protected and that you are there to provide for his needs as he adjusts to this new world.Here with I want to take attention that not only baby is benefited but you mothers also, As breastfeeding releases hormones in your body that promote mothering behaviors. This emotional bond is as vital as the nutritional benefit he receives from you. Scientists now tell us that infants learn best in a context of emotional closeness with an adult. Breastfeeding promotes a growing attachment between the two of you that will continue to play an important role in your baby’s development for years to come.Clearly, breastfeeding is good for mothers both physically and emotionally. And yet, many mothers decide to breastfeed based solely on the benefits to the baby. Breastfeeding in the context of a bottle-feeding society tends to be perceived as inconvenient and uncomfortable. As word spreads about these little-known facts, more mothers will not merely choose to breastfeed briefly to provide early disease protection for their baby, but will continue to breastfeed, providing optimal outcomes both for their children and for themselves.