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Hi Colleagues, Midwifery students had noted during clinical experience in maternity labour ward and postnatal that there was poor record keeping and documentation. I had devised a simple tool just to check if what the students had observed was correct. After analyzing the data that was collected it was noted that there was a lot of information that was missing. The MCH dept. and the midwifery students intends to carry out a study on the documentation in midwifery labour and postnatal wards. The results will be used to plan an intervention that will assist midwives to correctly document as well as have awareness in a form of in-service the significance of documentation. What Im looking for is any previous studies done and if possible tools used so that we can modify the tools and use them in Malawi and articles related to the same. Looking forward to your assistance.

Posted by Rebecca Ngalande


  • psamuti5 Patricia Samuti 18 Dec 2012

    Comment on documentation of care:
    The study was done at Kamuzu C.Hospital(Medical wards) in 2003 by G.Bamusi.She was by then a student at K.C.N.She had 60 sample of nurses of both enrolled/registered nurses. She used self administered questionnaires with semi-structure and unstructured questions. The findings showed that 75% of the respondents caring more than 60 patients did not document the nursing activities due to work overload and shortage of staff.The results correlate with my study done in the same medical wards at the same hospital(specifically to psychiatric patients with medical conditions) in 2011.I used the same tools as above with 30 sample size of enrolled/registered nurses. According to the findings, 80% of the respondents caring psychiatric patients did not document the nursing interventions because of work overload and under staffing.

  • nicolamchugh Nicola McHugh 27 Nov 2012

    Have you seen the WHO Pilot Safe Childbirth Checklist?

    It will be interesting to compare it to the one you are using. WHO is calling for collaborators to help test it.

  • najeremanna najeremanna 18 Oct 2012

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    The other area that KCN - MCH department has conducted a study on is antenatal care for adolescents. We are in the process of analyzing the data. Any one with information on this topic or want to share experiences are welcome as the idea of the study which was an exploratory is to have an intervention

  • najeremanna najeremanna 18 Oct 2012

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    can anyone with previous information on this topic please share as KCN would like to conduct a study in Malawi and we dont want to start from scratch if there are other studies but would like to get the tools used and modify them for Malawi case but will acknowledge and attribute to owners of the tools/instruments

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