TWINNING – GLOBAL RESEARCH NURSES’ NETWORK PROPOSES TO HELP RESEARCH GROUPS TO FIND PARTNERS AND DEVELOP TWINNING RELATIONSHIPS Twinning is a way to link individuals and organisations to enable them to work together to reach defined goals. The Global Research Nurses' network aims to provide resources and support for nurses working in research - one resources that we all share is our network! We propose that you, through the network, can play an active role in providing mutual support through twinning relationships to share experience and expertise and build capacity in research. Twinning is a formal agreement by 2 parties (eg groups/ communities/ professions) to provide mutual support within an agreed framework. Twins must have, or must develop a defined agenda with agreed outcomes that twinning relationships can support. For example, you could share information about how you have set up and run research studies, tell twins about the challenges you face and how you have overcome them, develop shared goals and projects, set up a resrach study together, identify shared learning goals. Twinning can be cost neutral, or you can work together to apply for funding for specific twinning projects. The UK Research Community and GRN are interested to facilitate contacts between research groups globally, to build twinning partnerships to support clinical research teams. We hope that twins can support each other in setting up studies, running Please join this group if you are looking for a partner, or if you are in a twinning relationship please share your experiences, and tell us how we can develop this initiative. Examples of twinning  – Royal College of Midwifery, UK, Global Twinning programme THET Health partnerships Lugina Link - midwifery project Alzheimer's Disease International twinning programme Twinning is a voluntary agreement between two partners with an agreed purpose, and identified activities. GRN and the UK Clinical Research Community propose to help Research Groups to link together and develop a strong sharing relationship that will provide resources and support for all members of the research team. We will support twins in the development of a framework of cooperation and help to strengthen partnerships by offering information about resources and support available. Please comment here about how this could help you, what you think it could achieve.

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