Professional Development Scheme


Welcome to the Global Health Trials Professional Development Scheme. This is a free system open to all levels of staff who work on clinical trials. The scheme has been built in partnership with many organisations and offers a comprehensive, high quality mechanism for recording, tracking and guiding training and professional development in the field of clinical research. Read more

About the scheme

A secure and high quality facility for all staff working in clinical research.

CV and training record built overtime.

Securely and privately store copies of all your certificates and other career development related documents.

Build a portfolio that will develop with your career and learning and will stay with you through different jobs and roles.

You will be able to save your portfolio as a PDF and print off any element as needed.

Intelligent system that gathers details on your current role and skills and determines what level of membership you have.

Supports your career and guides your development.

Membership tiers

Progress through the scheme as your role develops, you learn more skills, gain qualification or change jobs.

There are five tiers of membership each with 5 levels:

  • Fellow (level 1-5)
  • Associate (level 1-5)
  • Professional (level 1-5)
  • Affiliate (level 1-5)
  • Foundation (level 1-5)

The scheme is designed to work for everyone, whether you are just starting out in your first role in clinical research or if you are a programme director. The scheme is for all types of staff working in any location and any disease area.

Review your skills

Once a year the facility will prompt you to hold a career and training review meeting with your line manager or a senior peer. This encourages you to review your skills and role and set short, medium and long terms goals. For research programme leaders this Professional Development Scheme facility provides a ready-made package to help you support, guide and develop all your clinical research staff.

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