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Special Resource Genomics/Genetics

A survey completed by our members resulted in the design and content curation of resources on the website, of which this page is an example.

This webpage is specifically designed to assist clinical research nurses and nurse researchers by providing sourced GENOMICS & GENETICS open access resources, eLearning courses and discussion areas.

We are committed to helping you on your learning journey and as such have embedded learning and skills aids into this webpage.


During 2016 we were still contemplating a whether to offer an online course for nurses involved in genetic/genomic medicine (read here).  

We are very pleased to announce that the course, which started in April 2017 and ends in August 2017, attracted about 300 participants who attend online classes in 19 locations in Africa.

To equip participants in engaging with their mini research project lectures from the University of Cape Town and Global Reserch Nurses offer a module on Research Methods and Genetic Epidemiology.

Based on feedback and enthusiasm from current participants it is likely that the course will be offered again.  Please let us know whether you would be interested in training related to Genomic Medicing for Nurses.


Khan academy is an online learning platform [501 (3)(C)] non-profit with the mission of providing a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere. Their resources are available at no cost and are aimed to be a personalized learning resource for all ages. They offer practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom. 

Within their biology section they have three courses which would be of interest as an introduction to this topic. Classical and molecular geneticsDNA as genetic material and gene regulation. We have embedded a video as an example, and recommend that you visit their website for more background and information about the topic.






Talking about competency

The American Nurses' Association developed a guide "ESSENTIALS OF GENETIC AND GENOMIC NURSING: COMPETENCIES, CURRICULA GUIDELINES, AND OUTCOME INDICATORS" (2002). This guide provides a sound foundation to work from when starting your journey on understanding why genomics and genetics are fundamental to health for all. Read the guide here.

Kathleen A. Calzone concluded that 'Outcome Indicators assist the academic and continuing education nurse community to prepare the nursing workforce in genetics/genomics and provide a platform from which to build tools needed to achieve this goal.' Full article here

In 2013, De Sevo published an article "Competency of nurse educators in genetics/ genomics knowledge", another useful read. Full text article here .

 The hunt for “Unexpected genetic heroes”

The above video is a TED Talk,TED is a non-profit organisation which is devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks.

Critical thinking tip:This talk may help you to gain insight into how to think about genetics in everyday life.

Introduction to reviewing genomic research

In contrast to genetic research, which focuses on individual genes, genomic research examines the whole of the genome. This 30-40 minute online course aims to provide an introduction and overview of the subject and is aimed at everyone involved in genomic research.