Introduction to Basic Statistics

11 May 2021

Excel is one of the most heavily used tools to analyse and visualize data. The objective of this workshop is to cover basic to intermediate functions and features in Excel which are frequently used. Participants will be introduced to the four key parameters of Excel Learning including;

  1. Data Handling
  2. Decision Making and Analysis
  3. Practical Skill
  4. Efficiency and Effectiveness

In advance of the workshop, participants were sent an ‘Excel Toolkit’ via email. This contains the course material and exercises that will be used throughout the sessions.

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Please note that the recording is divided in chapters for each session. 


Workshop learning objectives:

  • Basic application of intermediate functions and features of MS Excel
  • Use of Microsoft Excel in Data Handling
  • Use of Microsoft Excel for Decision Making and Skill Analysis
  • Enhance Practical Knowledge of MS Excel
  • Learn and practice with the functions of V LOOKUP, Formulas, Basic Graphs and Charts