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What would you like the Global Research Nurses' network to do for you? We are just starting out, and have lots of ideas and plans - so it is a good time for you to get involved, so we know that we are going in the right direction.


  • hedejesus Hilarious de Jesus 14 May 2014

    Hi everyone! I am currently a practicing research nurse here in the UK but had my training in the Philippines. I can emphatise with you as I only know too well the stark difference in practice settings, resource is just one amongst other things. I am glad to be a part of this network and would also be happy to share ideas, practices and whatever I can offer to help the fellow nurses out there.

  • rkulume Ruth Kulume-O 12 May 2014

    Dear Colleagues
    Than you for the great work you are doing in your respective areas!
    In response what we would like the net work to do, I suggest twinning program with both research nurses in Africa and those from other regions.
    If you are interested in twinning with nurses from Infectious Diseases Institute(IDI) nurses in Uganda please get in touch with us. The net work should be able to spear head and support us establish this collaboration.
    For more information about IDI check out at http//
    Stay Blessed
    Ruth Kulume-O, RN,BScN
    Specialist Nurse IDI

  • bcheriro Betsy C.Rono 2 Apr 2014

    Hallo from Kenya.

    This year we have the National Nurses Association of Kenya 56th International scientific conference in Eldoret from 8th-10th October, Kenya. I welcome you to attend and present papers. Call for publications will be open soon. We also have a Kenya Nursing Journal.

  • nicolamchugh Nicola McHugh 20 Mar 2014

    Dear Dian,
    In England, the National Health Service has a systematic process to review quality of care through NHS England's Quality Working Group.
    They use a quality framework to assure quality of care relating to actual practice, i.e. established treatment programmes.
    I think that for new, untested or modified treatments, evaluation would be considered research and would require ethical approval.

  • dianmarandola Dian Marandola 17 Mar 2014

    Congratulations on establishing this network,

    I have a question about quality improvement activities and how these activities may fall within the work of this network.

    In the US, When an organization is performing quality activities, the question of “When does QI become research and subject to a review system?” has emerged. In the US, Guidance on this issue comes from the National Bioethics’ Committee: If the data collection purpose is to assess the success of an established program, and the information gained from the evaluation will be used to improve that program, the activity should not be considered research involving human participants. Evaluation is a program monitoring tool, and the information gained will immediately benefit the program and/or the individuals involved. However, when quality improvement involving human participants is undertaken to test a new, modified, or previously untested intervention, service, or program to determine whether it is effective and can be used elsewhere, the activity is human participant research and subject to the oversight system (NBAC, 2001).(National Bioethics Advisory Commission, Ethical and Policy Issues in Research Involving Human Participants, Volume 1, Report and Recommendations (Bethesda, MD: National Bioethics Advisory Commission, 2001), 37.)

    Establishing and maintaining a culture of quality and safety is a challenge for nurse leaders of all levels within the organization.

    Has the global research network considered/defined a role in quality improvement activities.

    Thank you for your work and consideration.
    Dian (peds nurse practitioner and community health administrator)

  • roshani77gautam Roshani Gautam 19 Feb 2014

    Hello every one! I am grateful to Nicola for the information on this network, It would be good if Research Nurses network encourages collaboration among nurses with rich experience in research with nurses in low income countries with less experience, through activities like twinning of research institutions, exchange programs among research nurses of academic as well as clinical sites.

  • Nice to be here, a long awaited opportunity! This is a need in Nigeria to change the mind-set. But still having problem about confirmation of my membership.I am not receiving the mails sent to my box .NEED HELP!

  • jobygeorge05 Joby George 4 Dec 2013

    Yes Robin,its a great platform to exchange ur ideas globally,Welcome to global research nurses ,from team Global research nurses network.

  • robinkninan22 Robin 4 Dec 2013

    Helloo to all. I'm very glad to see such an website is for we Nurse. here we can share our idea and discuss our practical section which we are following. Any its great

  • srncn SRNCN 10 Nov 2013

    Please have a look at our Scottish Research Nurses & Coordinators Network website for further resources -

  • jobygeorge05 Joby George 4 Nov 2013

    Nice thought Ndyetukira,We all should contribute our ideas so that we research nurses are recognized globally

  • Its rearery anice website,we research nurses need to come together and discuss our role in clinical research,how much we cotribute,challanges we face and how to over come them in workshops,conferences and seminars, even those in low/middle countries.We continue requesting for such and be invited to attend.

  • Its rearely anice web site.We need to know how much we contribute as research nurses to clinical trials.We need to come together and share ideas.challanges we face and how to overcome them even those in low/middle countries in workshop,conferences and seminars.

  • rkulume Ruth Kulume-O 30 Oct 2013

    I am greatiful to have joined this network, It would be good to if Rsearch Nurses network encourages closer collaboration among nurses with rich experience in research with nurses in low income regions with less experience, through activities like twinning of research institutions, exchange programes amog research nurses.

  • fnakayiwa FRANCES NAKAYIWA 25 Oct 2013

    Hi colleagues this is a brilliant idea to keep us united as a nurses and upgrade as far as research is concerned its a good motivator too

  • dowere2 Daniel Otieno Were 24 Oct 2013

    This is the greatest forum which will definitely offer opportunity for nurses to share and exchange knowledge as far as research is concerned.

  • Hi everyone. I am a new member. I am positive this will be highly useful for all nurses if we do not loose focus.

  • nayigabernadette Nayiga Bernadette 22 Oct 2013

    I would like the site to organize annual nurses forums so that we can interact globally. The site could also help us identify potential career development and also link us possible job opportunities.
    Otherwise thanks.

  • nayigabernadette Nayiga Bernadette 22 Oct 2013

    Hello every one, am so glad to be part of this, i have been in clinical research for the past 7 years in Uganda. My love for research grows each day, am interested in clinical trial coordination and monitoring. This is my final year persuing an MSC in clinical trials with the University of london as a long distance student. I am eager to interact and also learn from other research nurses across the globe,

  • Hi, every one. I am happy to join the Network. This is a good chance for me to learn experience for clinical research. What do you thing about the role of nurses in studies?Are there any opportunities for trainig?

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