The Global Research Nurses Network in India is gearing up for 2019, and currently agreeing plans for the following:
Organizing Journal Clubs with orientation of research through our resources in 19 different centers /institutions of India with the launch of 'Research Nurses Chronicles 2019'.
Introduction of statistics to nurses -A one day workshop with hands of practice in excel sheet (to be planned in July/Aug-2019) This we can collaborate with my NGO 'Global Foundation of Citizens'
Organizing Skills sharing workshop (Mid 2019)
 Collaboration with International Association of Clinical Research Nurses (IACRN) for talks and blending Learning programs
New site events: Walk the Talk with a research nurse - coffee with RNs to encourage nurses to take up research - videos will be provided online
Talks ongoing to conduct a collaborative study which showcases the importance of Yoga among nurses.
Introduction of Nurses in Genomics in India (To find potential collaborators like University of cape-town to be launched by 2019)


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