The latest findings from the international INTERGROWTH-21st Project, that has monitored healthy, urban children from educated families across four continents from early pregnancy to 2 years of age, show that human neurodevelopment is not influenced by the colour of an individual’s skin.

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ORRCA ( is a free, online, searchable database of research around recruitment to Clinical Trials. It aims to help users identify promising recruitment interventions and inform the matching or tailoring of these interventions to specific recruitment challenges faced by different types of trial.

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The workshop was attended by 120 total participants over two days, and here we provide a report of the workshop, as well as all the presentations from the day.

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A Guide to Efficient Trial Management

by The Trial Manager's Network

This Guide to Efficient Trial Management, published by the Trial Manager's Network (UK) and available freely online, is a must for all trial managers or coordinators. This link is for the 6th Edition (2018)

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Nurse's role in NCDs

by GRN Coordinator
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